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A retail store employee got to spend some time with Samsungs upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus ahead of Samsungs Aug. 13 event. He provides quick takeaways and images of the new phablets and even a shot comparing the S6 Edge Plus with the iPhone 6 Plus. So with the cat out of the bag we now know that Apples going big in 2014 literally, but how does the new iPhone 6 Plus stack up to Samsungs new Galaxy Note 4? The latest iPhone features a display thats an inch and a half larger than its predecessor and as a result Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. ratings. Overall NDTV Rating.Compare Htc One M9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The Galaxy Note Edge broke the mould with the introduction of its edge display, enabling users to interact with their smartphones in a new and interesting way. But how does it compare to Apples first phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus? The Galaxy Note 4 was announced on Wednesday at the IFA in Berlin and will roll out into the UAE and the GCC market by October.While the Note 4 will have the same 2.5D glass screen, inherited from the Galaxy S3, the Note Edge, which will roll out later in the year wlll have the new curved edge Lets try to compare the new product from Samsungs latest smartphone currently on the Apple iPhone 6s Plus.Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has appeared in the new renderers. How can I use an additional screen Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? apple news, ios 10 and ios 11, imac ipad / iphone 5, iphone 6, iphone 7, iphone 8 X. Compare iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. 15.08.2015 apleapplekot 0 Comments. The Galaxy Note 5 is a fantastic flagship, but how does it compare to Apples biggest and best iPhone?Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus: which one is worth your money? Best camera phones 2015: is your smartphone a super snapper? How does Samsung Galaxy Note 5 compare with Galaxy Note 4 ? Which is better and why?Whats awesome about the Galaxy Note 4? How one can choose between iPhone 6S Plus and Galaxy Note 5? Comparing the Cameras on both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus. .iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note Edge (Side by Side Comparison) - Duration: 29:14.

The YouTube Tech Guy 100,218 views. Were gonna be comparing two of the latest titans in the market today Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus.The Note 4 has a similar design as its predecessor the faux leather back with the metal strip that runs around the edge of the handset. PhoneRocket Review Our evaluation of Galaxy Note Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus. Performance.Report a correction. Follow us. Compare. vs. About a month ago, we had a brief chance to go hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. Unsurprisingly, the question on everyones lips was "how does it compare to the iPhone 6 Plus?" The new Galaxy Note has a 5.7-inch display, for a slight overall size edge over the iPhone 6.

It also has a big resolution advantage: QHD vs. Full HD means a pixel density of 515 pixels per inch for the Galaxy Note 4, compared to 401 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Galaxy Note 4 (left) iPhone 6 Plus (right) - image credit: Gordon Kelly.As I pointed out in my iPhone 6 Plus Long Term Review, Apples first phablet is wonderfully well crafted with top notch build materials and wonderfully chamfered edges but it is perhaps the companys most gratuitous example Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 (Plus).Some people may feel confused about which one they should choose. Here we make a comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 9. The device is expected to battle head on with Samsungs recently released phablets Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.But how does it compare with one of Samsungs phablets? Below is the comparison between the new iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Before this year, comparing the Galaxy Note to the iPhone was kinda like comparing ShaquilleJoin Gizmag, as we take a hands-on look at the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4.It has a metal band running around its edge that gives it more of a premium aesthetic than we saw in older Notes. The iPhone 6 Plus is slightly taller at 158mm compared to 154mm, but trumps the Galaxy Note 4 when it comes to depth, measuring 7.1mm compared to 8.5mm.The Galaxy Note 4, on the other hand, features a faux-leather backplate, coupled with metallic edges and a plastic front. Well compare the iPhone 6 Plus with the Note 4 and see which one is better.The Note 4 is slightly changed over the previous model, meaning that it got rid of the fake stitching from the edge of its faux leather back, but the texture is coarse and cheap looking. Check out this iPhone vs Galaxy comparison below. Compare iPhone and Galaxy generally.Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus. With Apple entering the phablet market, the ever mighty Samsung Galaxy Note now has its top rival.On this department, Samsung has the edge. Comparing the Cameras on both the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the iPhone 6 Plus. . Get the most cash for your old or used iPhone! .Note 4 vs Galaxy S5 With rounded edges at all, even the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are reproached for losing the elegance of past Apple smartphones.So compared with Apple iPhones, luxurious and more refined than what many people may bring up to talk about the Galaxy Note 4. As you can see from the above comparison table, the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 4 have some noticeable differences.Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera vs Note 3 (rear and front) Compared. iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Image Quality Comparison. Before we compare iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4, weve reviewed and searched the most-asked questions about the two smartphones by Apple and Samsung.Galaxy Note 5/Edge, Galaxy S6 edge/5/4/3, HTC One, etc with a couple of clicks. This article compares and reviews iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Edge from all aspects, including specs, features, price, etc.And in September, 2014, people shift their focus toward new phablets, namely, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4. This is Apples first foray Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Top 263,615 points.The battery is removable and can be replaced by the user if broken. Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Today were going to be comparing Apples iPhone 6 Plus to Samsungs Galaxy Note 4. I realized that there are a limited range of comparisons that can happen between these two devices, but were going to touch on some of the most important factors between the two such as design, software We look into the iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4 and compare them side by side and decide which device win when it comes to spec wars.the month with their Unpacked 5 Event where two, instead of one, upgrades for Samsung Note 3 were presented: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 4 Edge.products the Galaxy Note 4 along with smart phone Galaxy Note Edge having a display in curved shape which provides contextual controls and appUntil now, the iPhone 6 Plus really puts some good features, on the other hand it is a little bit difficult to compare the aspects such as processors The American super brain Apple with their flagship model Iphone 6 and the Korean giants Samsung nailing the ground with the all new Galaxy Note 4. On the first look, Iphone 6 is essentially a kid compared to the Note 4 in size but that just doesnt make it a better phone.

iPhone 6s Plus Gallery: Galaxy Note 5 GalleryWhat is surprising to me that more people do not talk more about the cheaper and very comparable lg g4. I just went from the g4 to the edge 6 plus and whats interesting is that it carries the sharpness and clarity if the note 5 with significantly warmer In other areas, the iPhone 6 Plus pales in comparison to the Note 4. Apple aficionados gets Apples latest A8Compare that to the Note 4s 3GB of RAM. Its a spec Apple has been seemingly reluctant toThe Note 4 could retail for 199 with its slightly more eccentric variant, the Galaxy Note Edge Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. View more 60 images.Even if the note 4 opens apps a millisecond slower, Ill still take QHD SAMOLED over the 6 plus. iPhone 6 plus is a joke compare the note 4. So we compared the iPhone 6 Plus with the Galaxy Note 4 the flagship large-screen smartphone in the Android world.Metal band around the edges was missed in earlier model of Galaxy Note. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.Weve compared some of the main features below. Display: The Note 4 comes with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display while the 6 and 6 plus showcase a 4.7 and 5.5 inch display respectively. The existing Galaxy S7 Edge chimes in with the same size display as the iPhone 6s Plus, albeit a Quad HD 2560-by-1440 offering, but both areUpdate x1: Heres a comparison between this years Note compared to last years: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 [Specs Comparison]. READ MORE: Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - the 3-sided Note 4.The iPhone 6 Plus comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities (all non-expandable) and, while we cant compare its benchmark scores to the Note 4s, its unspecified amount of RAM and 1.4GHz Apple A8 processor Regardless of its merits, though, how does Apples latest big-screen endeavor compare when placed side-by-side with the Samsungs promising Galaxy Note 4?Past iPhone users will instantly recognize the Plus new design, but appreciate the slim body, curved edges, and premium build. The iPhone 6S Plus is Apples biggest and most powerful iPhone ever, but how does it compare to all the new flagship Android phablets out there?iPhone 6S Plus. Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. Moto X Pure Edition/Style. LG G 4. Screen size. 5.5 inches. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Apple iPhone 6 Plus (Verizon Wireless). Lowest Price.Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S8: Should You Upgrade? Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone X: Flagship Phones Compared. But how does it compare to Apples first phablet-sized device, the iPhone 6 Plus?The iPhone 6 Plus has the edge in this department given that the Galaxy Note 4 can only be expanded up to 128 GB via its micro-SD slot. From there, website Design N Trend took the opportunity to compare the two most impressive oversize smartphones on the market. The site started by looking at the display quality. Display-wise, the Galaxy Note 4 blows Apples iPhone 6 Plus out of the water. iPhone 6 Plus Apple. Galaxy Note Edge Samsung.Related Comparisons. Galaxy Note Edge vs Galaxy Note 5. iPhone 6 Plus: Curved aluminium, dark/light grey or gold, 7.1mm Galaxy Note 4: Metal edge, plastic back, gold/blue/black/white, 8.5mm.iPhone 6 Plus: 2915mAh Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 3220mAh battery. When you compare battery sizes, the Samsung phablet has the bigger one but thats no From left to right: iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4: In the above images, I purposely disabled HDR on both phones. Other than that, I shot the way both phones come out of out of the box. Here, we take a look at how the iPhone 6 Plus compares with Samsungs Galaxy Note Edge.When it comes to connectivity, both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Edge offer 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth (4.0 for iPhone, 4.1 for Note Edge), 4G LTE and NFC (though the iPhones NFC chip is (See how the iPhone 6 compares to the other flagship smartphones of 2014 here.)Like the iPhone 6, the Plus uses an ion-strengthened cover glass that is rounded on the edges and curvesSamsung Galaxy Note Edge: Primary 16MP autofocus camera with smart OIS Secondary 3.7MP camera comparison, Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 6 Plus.While on the left edge of Note 5 there is a slot for stylus pen that has the cool new push to eject feature.Comparing The Apple iPhone 5 And The Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Apple iPhone 6 Plus specs compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Detailed up-do-date specifications shown side by side.EDGE.

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