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Ever since upgrading to 3.1 my phone keeps losing network coverage and then wont find it again. The message " Searching" is constantly displayed.Posted on Sep 26, 2009 9:08 AM. Reply I have this question too (62). Q: iphone keeps searching for network. if these steps are not working on your iphone then it has modem firmware problem (hardware problem) . if ur phone is in warranty then chill exchange this on apple store. or if it is out of warranty den go for a good iphone repair shop to change its network ic or to repair modern framware . As what we refer, my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service has several motives for you to pick as one of the sources. First, this is very connected to yourWell, have you found the way to get the book? Searching for my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service in the book store will be probably difficult. I used again evasi0n to jailbreak again, i thought that would solve the network problem so i dont need to boot using rednsn0w again, but the network didnt work even with booting withredswn0w. " and my Iphone is keeping reloading, when i tried to reinstall 6.0.1 ios using Itunes it shows 3190 error. Iv an iPhone 3GS on old Bootrom on 6.1.13, i can jailbreak it with sn0wbreeze and redsnow, but it wont let me drop the baseband, keeps saying exploit failed with redsnow .15b3.Hello, the problem with my iphone 3gs is the network signal alternately changes to searching and no service. it usually I keep getting charges on my provider for internet connections which I never do. Something must be turned on on my 3gs and I dont know what.Check your app settings, for the coolest iPhone cases with Fast Free Shipping check out shop.bananasmoke.

I have an iPhone 3gs (pretty old yeah) which runs on iOS 1.6.

1 10B500 and its locked on Telia network (Sweden).The process run smoothly but now the phone doesnt have wifi (is greyed out) and it shows " searching" and doesnt have network. Are you still confused why should be this my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service? After having great job, you may not need something that is very hard. This is what we say as the reasonable book to read. Comment from Mehul, 2012/10/14 14:25 CET : My iPhone 3gs in 2g network its vry noisy when i call some one Its very troublingComment from Lee, 2012/01/10 15:07 CET : Hi I have an iPhone 3GS that keeps searching for signal then says no service! This is it, the my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service that will be your best choice for better reading book. Your five times will not spend wasted by reading this website. You can take the book as a source to make better concept. Search.If were to trust Cote Collaborative analyst Michael Cotes estimate of 3 million iPhone 3Gs sold since July, 2 percent translates to about 60,000 users having problems with the 3G network. Ive been following tips from various sources such as restoring my iPhone, resetting network settings, resetting allFor those whore wondering how it works your iphone has to be jail broken first. then search for wififofum in cydia.The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Oct 03, 2009 how to unlock firmware 3.1 for your iPhone 3GS in iphone 3 g i get unable to load network list it keeps searching for a network and I recently inherited an iPhone 4 from a friend as she has upgraded to a newer phone and no longer needed it. My iPhone 3GS is showing no service, I have reset the network settings but that didnt seem to work.I have an iPhone 3GS its on 5.0.1 It keeps loosing signal anywhere Im at, it goes from full bar ATT to searching and keeps repeating over and over again. Hi! i did the steps, but still i cant find a signel to my tmobile networkand also btw, i cant find the repo that u asked me to, but i already installed the ultrasnow in my iphone.My iphone 3gs keeps saying No Service and Searching. My iPhone wifi is greyed out and i updated it, restored it, reset ther network, restarted, and none ofmy iphone 3gs wont connect to wifi keeps telling me to log in to and has a bunch offor the very long time searching on google thank you very much for this tape!!! i done everything Browse and Read My Iphone 3gs Keeps Saying No Service.What do you do to start reading my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service? Searching the book that you love to read first or find an interesting book that will make you want to read? Yeah, keep it.How to: Fix iPhone 3GS (5.1/5.1.1) 6.15.00 NO SERVICE or Searching after Update - STEP BY STEP - Duration: 10:04. iHelpCorner 468,571 views.iPhone 4s fix NO Signal Issue (network fixed) rseau indisponible - Duration: 6:37. I have been a loyal BlackBerry user for the last 5 years and 3 days ago Ive made the move to the new iPhone 3GS.Google Search (Search) a2z Pro (Conversion) Guitar Toolkit (Guitar Tuner and more) LinkedIn (Social Networking) Shazam (Audio) Skype (Communication) twitterena (Social My iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1 (although this also happened when running 4.3) keeps interrupting whatever I do with it (I might be playing a game or browsing the Web) with a dialogue asking me to enter a password for some WiFi network the phone appears to have found in the vicinity. i dont know what happen today but all of the sudden my iphone 3gs keeps searching for service then it finds it and stays on for about 5 seconds then itservice. then pull the original sim out and put the other in, re-enter the pin et voila until i lose network for the next time. can anyone confirm this ? iPhone No Service Error Fix. Most of the users who face this problem are those with iPhone 3GS on the famous iPad baseband.hi this is praveen my iphone 5s-7.1 soft ware is updated but sim is not valid what problem. my iphone 5s But now i find problem while searching the network It always says I have a iPhone 3G locked to UK O2 network.This is where it started to go downhill. Everything ran, iPhone rebooted, then I get " Searching." under networksIve tried everything but nothing it keeps rebotting after some minutes. Sorry about my english. You need an Iphone 3GS, it doesnt matter what firmware or baseband (mobile firmware) that you have it on as this guide works with all 3GS on all basebands.insert your desired network chip and you should now have a jailbroken unlocked Iphone 3gs. IPhone :: 3GS On Tesco Network Keeps Saying No Service Or Searching?IPhone :: My 4 Keeps Searching For Signal And Then Goes To No Service For A Good Hour?IPhone :: 3Gs Is Constantly Flipping Between "searching" And "no Service"? Update 22-Jan-2010: Unfortunately, my iPhone 3Gs locked-up and went into a reboot loop.It froze before I could unlock it, but it displayed the Searching for network status at the top left (which I frequently noticed after jailbreaking) and I was in an area with strong coverage. Apple iPhone 6 Please note: if you select a network manually, the network connection will be lost if Your mobile phone will search for networks within range.Is it true that an Apple iPhone with iOS 8 keeps losing the carrier network signal Disable Automatic selection and look for the network carrier hi, My iphone 2G OS 3.0 is showing Wifi Bluetooth address in setting> about, but the problem is that phone is not able to catch the wifi signals , its always keep searching for wifi connection. I had done all the three steps above, but the same problem. The first 100 apps will be given 100 worth of Apple search ads credits for free.How can I keep my iPhone from turning off by itself? How do I add a BSNL network on my iPhone 3GS? I have an IPhone 3gs which was lost signal / network after unlocking (installing bb 6.15.00). Have tried three times to re-install the original and custom IPSW and jailbreak then installing ultrasn0w but still searching for signals or network. The Apple iPhone 3GS has many reset options. Wiping the network settings will reset all the current network settings to default.Search Log in / Register. What do you do to start reading my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service? Searching the book that you love to read first or find an interesting book that will make you want to read? Everybody has difference with their reason of reading a book. Search forMy jailbroken iPhone 3GS will not send text messages or make calls. I called Vodafone and they told me to rest my network settings, which I did.Latest Free PDFs. Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf. People with rigid monitoring duties like parents and company owners have been constantly searching for ways on how how can i spy iphone 7 down to monitor someones phone.SIM unlocking allows the iPhone to be used on a different carriers network. Recently, my iPhone 3GS kept on shutting off out of the blue, and did so on a pretty regular basis.Issues Networking Security Tech News Windows 7 Windows Updates Wireless Networking Reviews Social Media Google Software Supercars Tips and Tricks Video Viruses, Spyware Malware Search.If your iPhone or iPod touch has been lost or stolen, its not necessarily gone for good. If you set up Find My iPhone before it vanished, you may be able to get it back (or at least keep the person who has it now from accessing your data). in iPhone Unlocks. I have a friend who recently bought an iPhone 3GS off from craigslist and asked me if I could help him to jailbreak and unlock it.I unlocked with cydia ultraslow, but the phone keeps searching and I get message could not activate cellular data network I kept my iPhone for a longtime without network like a simple iPod Touch just to use audio and play games but now is already unlocked.I stumbled across the website when searching for ways to unlock my iPhone . Just got a iphone 3Gs 32gb on Nov 15/2009. Had it for 2 days and it just blank out. I cant even turn it on.It spends most of its time and battery life searching for network.You forget that getting us through the door is only the first step, you need to keep us there with consistent QUALITY products Iphone 3gs network keeps searching. How do i power off my iphone 3g with a broken sleep/wake button and have no accessiblity options in general settingswhat now? My phone has a black screen with the white iphone logo on it My iphone 3gs keeps on saying searching.?My iPhone 3GS says "activation required: after jailbreak using puppyra1n help please? My iPhone 3gs keeps saying "Searching" and Ive tried everything. For some reasons, this my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service tends to be the representative book in this website.We will show you how kind of my iphone 3gs keeps saying no service is resented. You may have searched for this book in many places. You need to solder it back on. Glue is not conducting your signal. This is an easy job for you to do yourself if you know how to solder. Otherwise get a friend/dad or pop in to a radio/tv/phone repair shop and ask them to do the job. Iphone 5S Searching For Network Fix Youtube intended for Iphone Keeps Searching. How To Fix No Service Or Searching5.1/5.1.1/3Gs And 4S Youtube regarding Iphone Keeps Searching.

Share this I go to the interwebs book of knowledge and search for iPhone 3GS keeps rebooting. I found a number of fixes, this one worked for meIt seems that my iPhone 3GS goes into reboot mode when it has trouble connecting to a network. My iphone 5 today suddenly started started searching network, I took out the SIM card , it still kept searching for network instead of saying no sim or no service. I reset network settings, then all settings, turned phone on off several times, put back sim in, hard reset it etc. Keeps searching. 0. So I jailbreaked an iphone 3gs successfully. Its running 6.1.3 after the jailbreak. I installed ultrasn0w to unlock it but it doesnt get a signal, it just says searching and doesnt find a network. This is an unlock video for the iPhone 3g and the iPhone 3gs, i show you step by step how to unlock your iPhone to work on any netowrk.Yeah, keep it. Iphone 4s searching after screen replacement. Whatever I do now, it keeps saying searching.Removing sim card No SIM Card Installed . Ive been with the same network provider for the iPhone 4S and now 5 and immediately started getting this very problem. How to jailbreak your iPhone. Learn how to use just keeps saying searching in the top left corner where my 3g symble use to be . what should i do ???

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