html button onclick goto another page





Linking pages using buttons. Hyper links are used to link different pages within a site and outside a site to each other. Same thing can be achieved by using a button.We will connect the url of the new page to the onclick event of the button. Related questions. jQuery - Detect when two html contain same value.Then, I needed both in some other page of my site and I simply copied and pasted the codes over there, buttons showed up but they dontUncaught ReferenceError: formatTextlink is not defined at HTMLInputElement. onclick. Computers Internet html - button doesn39t dissapear onClick (JavaScript).Thank you this works great :) Barlet Apr 11 14 at 10:29. It is an anchor tag . I will navigate you to another page . Click on a button to copy some text from an input field to another input fieldCreate a back button on a page:

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